Bluon launches BluonLive, brick-and-mortar stores

Written on: June 28, 2022 by ICM

Bluon, Inc. has announced the launch of BluonLive, a web app and E-commerce platform for HVAC technicians. BluonLive connects technicians in the field with their local distributors to acquire parts and materials, which can be fragmented and carried by multiple brands, in the most efficient way and in a few easy clicks. This saves both technicians and distributors countless hours of research and frustration.

“Technicians in the field get to enjoy the immediate benefits of accuracy, simplicity and efficiency associated with true E-commerce that only Bluon and the BluonLive network can provide,” explained Peter Capuciati, CEO & Chairman of Bluon.

Bluon has more than 120,000 technicians on its platform.

BluonLive also launched 1,600 brick-and-mortar distributor stores connected to its network. Over 2,000 stores are expected to be part of its network by the end of Summer 2022, representing over 30% of the HVAC wholesaler market and players such as RE Michel, FW Webb, Johnstone, WinnSupply, Ferguson, Morsco, Geary Pacific, Slakey Brothers, APR Supply, US Air and others.