Bioheat® Mandate Begins in New York City

Written on: October 1, 2012 by ICM

A 2010 air quality bill, signed into law by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, includes a requirement for a 2% blend of biodiesel in the heating oil used to heat the city’s homes and buildings beginning this October 1st. A recently enacted New York State bill also required a switch to Ultra Low Sulfur heating oil in July of this year.
The Bioheat legilsation was sponsored by City Councilman James F. Gennaro with help and support of the New York Oilheat Association and its director, John Maniscalco. The bill was passes unanimously (45-0) which, according to Maniscalco, is rare in New York and it underscores that New York is moving in the right direction. More details to follow in the October issue of ICM.