Biofine signs lease for new refinery site in Maine

Written on: May 18, 2023 by ICM

Biofine Developments Northeast (BDNE) has entered a 20-year agreement with the town of Lincoln, Maine, to develop a biofuels refinery on the site of the former Lincoln Pulp & Tissues Mill. Construction of the new plant, where BDNE will produce low-carbon wood-based fuel, is expected to begin in July of next year.

The Biofine Maine Phase 1 (BMP1)  project is expected to create over 160 jobs and generate more than $100 million in private sector investment. BDNE plans to build at least two phases of its biorefinery development at the new Lincoln plant; subsequent phases will create additional jobs and add additional private investment, said the company.

BDNE is the exclusive developer of biorefinery projects utilizing proprietary processes developed by Biofine Technology LLC. BDNE is proposing developing BMP1 as the first of a planned multi-phase project to develop green biorefinery capacity on a portion of the former Lincoln Pulp & Tissue Mill site.

Utilizing Biofine’s proprietary technology, Biofine’s process derives heating and transportation fuel from cellulosic low-quality woody biomass (pre-commercial thinnings and production leavings or “slash”), and/or from cellulosic post-consumer paper waste. The fuel produced from BMP1 is called ethyl levulinate (EL). Biofine said EL “will be the single lowest carbon-intensity liquid fuel commercially available anywhere in the world.”

Stephen Fitzpatrick, PhD, CEO of BDNE, said, “Biofine is honored and very pleased to reach this milestone with the Town of Lincoln.”

“EL is an important transitional and long-term renewable biofuel that accretes value to producers and end-users alike for decades to come,” added Fitzpatrick.