Karl Schneider

Karl Schneider is Vice President of Marketing for FieldAware, a field service management solution company specializing in the indoor comfort industry. For more information, www.fieldaware.com, or call 972- 704-1800.

A Chat with Dr. Jenny Frank

September 6, 2023

Wanting to Make an Impact ICM continues its interview series chatting with Dr. Jenny Frank, NORA Research Associate and Assistant Professor at SUNY, Morrisville, NY. Frank’s academic and research activities have been investigating the effectiveness and cost viability of various pathways to carbon reduction. Dr. Frank: I received my Ph.D. from the State University of […]

Are We Done Learning?

Many low-cost educational events are out there, but few people seize the opportunity to learn and grow. Those who do, however, can gain a significant competitive advantage. Professional development and continuing education are critical in many careers, particularly those in which science, technology, laws and regulations are constantly changing. Take the medical field, for example. […]

The Future of Safety Inspections in the Propane Sector

Safety inspections are a propane industry best practice that marketers utilize to maintain customer safety and reduce liability. If you are a propane marketer, it’s likely that you’re completing safety inspections of propane systems regularly for new customers, move-in and move-out scenarios, and systems that have been modified. Something that marketers reviewing this process have […]

Will Regulators Adopt Realistic Clean Heat Standards?

State regulators are quickly approaching a fork in the road when it comes to developing Clean Heat Standards (CHS) and compliance markets. They will either choose program guidelines that are designed only to incentivize the electrification of buildings, or they will choose program guidelines that are designed to reduce carbon emissions from the thermal sector […]

Former ADD Systems VP Roger Keyser has died

August 23, 2023

ADD Systems in Flanders, NJ, has sadly announced the passing of long-time employee Roger Keyser. According to Keyser’s obituary, he peacefully passed away on August 10, just days after his 70th birthday.  In a statement on the social media platform X, ADD shared that “Roger retired in 2021 as the VP of Customer Support & […]

Noritz introduces the No Roof Kit

August 16, 2023

Noritz America, a manufacturer of tankless water heaters, has removed the need for roof access during tankless installations with its new No Roof Kit accessory. In addition to eliminating the contractor’s need to climb on the roof to install venting for the tankless water heater, drilling holes in the wall for exhaust is also no […]

NORA releases episode 5 of “In The LOOP with NORA” podcast

August 15, 2023

The National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA) has released the fifth episode of its podcast series, “In the LOOP with NORA.” The podcast series looks at how the liquid fuel heating industry lowers carbon emissions from homes, along with an emphasis on heating system efficiencies and technical education. In Episode 5 of “In the Loop,” two […]

Cargas announces Phase 2 of integration with P3 Propane Safety

August 10, 2023

P3 Propane Safety and Cargas Energy have announced that Phase 2 of their integration has been released, which includes new features developed on behalf of mutual customers shared by the two software platforms. Cargas and P3 released a Phase 1 integration in September 2020. This release facilitated the passing of data from Cargas to P3. […]

Weil-McLain presents ‘School of Better Heating’ training programs

August 8, 2023

Residential heating contractors can hone their boiler technology and hydronic skills and knowledge by participating in a Weil-McLain “School of Better Heating” training program this fall. The “School of Better Heating” program is an annual series of comprehensive condensing boiler technology training seminars from the North American designer and manufacturer of hydronic comfort heating systems. […]

The Evolution of Hybrid Heating Systems

August 7, 2023

As the push for “electrification” continues in nearly all aspects of our lives (electric cars, stoves and heating/cooling systems), there should be a discussion on how to incorporate the (relatively) new technology with the existing technology—especially when it comes to heating homes in the Northeast. What do I mean by “new” technology? Utility companies have […]