Answered prayers in Queens, NY

Written on: July 18, 2013 by ICM

The following is a note from Angel Gonzalez, Petro Fuel Oil Co.

When this project was first discussed it was thought that OESP would take on a project specifically directed at helping a family victimized by Hurricane Sandy. In the NYC area, most families received assistance from FEMA, but churches, amongst other institutions, did not qualify. So what better way to reach out to many families than by helping them restore their church. So this past weekend, 7/13 and 7/14, several of our chapters came together in Queens, NY to restore the heating system of the Christ by the Sea, Presbyterian Church. The Garden State, Fairfield County, NYC and Long Island chapters of OESP were there to install a complete new system. In two days we were able to install a four zone hydronic boiler, a 275 gallon oil tank and approximately 300’ of baseboard.
Through careful planning and by working in mixed teams this project was completed in just two days, most of our volunteers arrived early in the morning and worked a full day until the task was completed. We even had students show up and help install baseboard. This has been one of the best projects for me, and a very worthy cause. I will be so happy to see these folks able to attend mass in their own church, that day is not far away and we had a part in that.
Not only are we grateful to the people worked on this project but we owe a great deal of gratitude to those who donated the supplies and materials needed to make this happen.
· Thank you Peerless boiler for donating the boiler package, you never hesitated when asked
· Thank you Roth for all the Pex tubing and fittings and for offering an oil tank as well
· Thank you Petro for donating the oil tank and for actively participating with a helping hand
· Thank you Taco for the controls, valves and circulators
· Thank you Gil Meyerowitz, a local supplier who donated all the pipe and fittings to install the boiler
· Thank you Sippin Energy for donating the misc. pipe and fittings and use your install truck (and use of Al) to install the oil tank
· Thank you Blackman Supply for the baseboard.
Thank you Guaranteed Chimney for your work on the chimney.
Here’s a link to 19 photos in my Dropbox: