Ancora Ed. launches free online HVAC course to combat COVID-19

Written on: July 20, 2020 by ICM

Ancora Education, a Texas-based group of private, post-secondary career training schools, has launched “HVAC in the Age of COVID-19”, a free, online course to help Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technicians identify and reduce pathogen aerosol transmission.

The rate of appointments for HVAC technicians have increased due to the COVID-19 pandemic and elevated safety requirements. These visits include identifying and making system adjustments and implementing strategies to mitigate the spread of viruses, like the

Ancora Education is offering a free online HVAC class to help technicians in fighting the spread of COVID-19 (photo 2019).

coronavirus and other airborne/airflow issues.

“Essential workers and front-line heroes like HVAC Technicians need additional tools to keep themselves safe and combat the spread of COVID-19,” said Ancora CEO, Michael Zawisky. “We hope that these courses and our investment in the professional development of participating techs will help flatten the curve and mitigate the unwanted spread of COVID-19 across the state of Texas.”

This free, online, and self-paced course is intended for HVAC professionals covering four areas:

  • Understanding Pathogens,
  • Safety & Personal Protection,
  • Human Engineering Strategies, and
  • Industry-Recommended Techniques.

These techniques include controlling exhaust ventilation, managing temperature, and humidity, advanced air filtration and improving airflow.

“With this course, HVAC professionals will be able to expand their awareness and the level of service and understanding they provide their clients,” said Keith DeMell, Senior Director of Program Delivery. “Participants will re-examine personal safety techniques, gain an enhanced understanding of what pathogens are, and what can affect them, as well as review the recommended industry guidelines from industry associations, and the CDC.”

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