American Energy Coalition Launches New Website

Written on: January 6, 2016 by ICM

NEW YORK, NY (January 6, 2016) — The American Energy Coalition (AEC) has unveiled its newly updated website, Now viewable across virtually all computer and smart device platforms, the site was reconstructed using a responsive design that allows each page’s text, images and videos to be displayed on screens of any size. The result is a website that is more accessible, functional and favorable to Google’s algorithm, which factors in mobile responsiveness when determining search rankings.
Website content has also been updated and expanded, including an updated “Get The Facts Before You Convert” data sheet, which has been added to the Member Resources page. This data sheet, originally developed in collaboration with OESP (Oil & Energy Service Professionals) and OMA (Oilheat Manufacturers Association), was updated with the help of those groups and with added assistance from NBB (National Biodiesel Board). The piece is targeted toward consumers who might be considering making a switch from Oilheat to natural gas, and meant for Oilheat dealers to share with such customers. It presents a number of “need-to-know facts” that illustrate why Oilheat is a better choice for home heating and why fuel conversions are not the viable options that utilities claim them to be. Like other AEC bill inserts and flyers, this item is available in the AEC website’s store at the nominal cost of $20 per pack (500 copies per pack).
Other additions to the updated AEC website include audio files of the 2015 AEC Radio Spots, which cover topics such as Lower Heating Oil Prices, Bioheat® Fuel and Oilheat Benefits. These audio files are available as free downloads so that Oilheat dealers who visit the site can incorporate the sound bytes into their messages-on-hold. As a result, customers who call the dealers will be greeted by a pro-Oilheat message even when they aren’t speaking with a company representative.
The AEC website re-launch, as well the updated member resources, are made possible only through the contributions of AEC members and supporters. It is their donations that empower AEC to defend the Oilheat industry’s energy market share and fight back against the disinformation and attacks launched by the natural gas industry. Visitors to the new website can easily show their support for AEC by clicking “Make A Donation” in the red box located on each page. While online, they can also quickly “Sign Up for E-Alerts” to have the latest pro-Oilheat news and energy-related updates sent directly to their email inboxes.
The American Energy Coalition is a grassroots organization that advocates for Oilheat and the dealers who sell it. Formed in 2008, the American Energy Coalition represents Oilheat dealers throughout the United States, manufacturers of Oilheat equipment and all other professionals and vendors who work in Oilheat. For more information, visit