ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales announces new partnership with Carrier

Written on: April 27, 2022 by ICM

On April 25, ACI Mechanical and HVAC Sales began representing Carrier’s industry-leading suite of applied equipment and VRF in the greater Puget Sound, WA region.

ACI customers now have access to Carrier’s heat pump technology, high-performance chiller line, large packaged rooftop units, air handling units, VRF and aftermarket parts for applied products. The new partnership will further ACI’s commitment to high performance HVAC systems and represent sustainable and less energy intensive solutions for heating and cooling.

carrier turn to the experts

“The breadth of applied products, combined with the stringent energy codes in Washington, make this new partnership a win for both parties,” said Rick Schnarr, Executive VP of Applied Product Sales at ACI. “The Carrier name will be well-represented by our team.”

The new partnership with Carrier will further ACI’s commitment to high performance HVAC systems representing solutions that promote greater sustainability. Customers looking for less energy-intensive solutions for heating and cooling will have Carrier’s heat pump technology at their disposal.

“This represents another step in growing our offering for our customers who demand the best,” said Keith Glasch, President at ACI.