A.R.M. Solutions appointed NPGA Affinity Program collections partner

Written on: March 23, 2021 by ICM

A.R.M. Solutions, a California-based collection agency, has been named the exclusive Accounts Receivable Management & Collections Services Partner of the National Propane and Gas Association’s (NPGA) Affinity Program.
NPGA’s membership includes small businesses and large corporations engaged in the retail marketing of propane gas and appliances; producers and wholesalers of propane; manufacturers and distributors of propane gas appliances, equipment, and trucks; fabricators of propane gas cylinders and tanks; propane transporters; and services providers. The NPGA Affinity Program offers vetted and trusted vendors to NPGA’s network of professionals to better serve and advance the industry as a whole.
“We have always prided ourselves on the ability to partner with the best-in-class solution providers for services to our members,” said Stephen T. Kaminski, President and CEO of NPGA. “Our selection of A.R.M. Solutions reflects that objective to provide services for collection and retention of slow paying accounts. In addition, their experience and commitment to our industry are why we have chosen them to represent us and our members.”
A.R.M. Solutions, which has been long involved in the propane industry, will offer members of the NPGA best-in-class solutions and education to improve cash flow and reduce delinquencies of slow paying accounts, and improve customer retention, the agency said.
“Being named the trusted Accounts Receivable Management & Collections Services Partner of the NPGA Affinity Program is an honor that reaffirms our long-time presence in the propane industry,” said Brad Jadwin, President and CEO of A.R.M. Solutions. “We are excited to work alongside the NPGA as well as their members to serve and grow an industry that we have invested and believe in.”