A National Treasure

Written on: October 15, 2012 by ICM

Was recently at a technical conference at Brookhaven Laboratories hosted by Dr. Tom Butcher. Brookhaven is a national treasure of research and the Oilheating/HVAC industries have benefited greatly from the work done there.
In case you don’t know much about Brookhaven, here is a little background:
In 1946 representatives from Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, University of Rochester, and Yale — formed a nonprofit corporation to establish a new nuclear-science facility, and they chose a surplus army base “way out on Long Island” as the site. The lab was to be a part of the new Atomic Energy Commission. The original mission was to explore the peaceful use of nuclear energy and for the well-being of the public. Today, Brookhaven Lab is one of ten national laboratories under DOE’s Office of Science, which provides the majority of the Laboratory’s research dollars and direction.
The range of research that goes on there is staggering. The departments are as varied as this:
• Biology
• Center for Functional Nanomaterials
• Chemistry
• Collider-Accelerator
• Energy Sciences & Technology
• Environmental Sciences
• Condensed Matter Physics &
Materials Science
• Medical
• Nonproliferation & Nat’l Security
• Physics
• Instrumentation Division
• Superconducting Magnet Division
Of course, our primary concern is the combustion and heating/cooling work conducted under Dr. Butcher (the cyclotron particle accelerator is kind of cool, too) and the recent conference was full of interesting projects such as polymer heat exchangers, biofuels, self powered heating system and more.
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