5 Reasons Your Heating Oil/Propane Company Needs a Newsletter

Written on: November 1, 2018 by Melissa Bellas

Digital marketing technologies are growing at the speed of light, giving way to an era of instantaneous, electronic communications. After last year’s severe weather, communication with customers is more important than ever before.
With frigid temperatures and an unprecedented number of winter storms, many home comfort and energy companies faced dire situations, in some cases letting their customers down. If you weren’t one of them, congratulations! This is a great story to share with your customers. If you were, you weren’t alone. We feel your pain.
During extreme conditions, regular company communications are key to building strong relationships and loyal customers. So how can companies build trust and keep the conversation with customers going? Look no further than the company newsletter.

During extreme conditions, regular company communications are key to building strong relationships and customer loyalty.

During extreme conditions, regular company communications are key to building strong relationships and customer loyalty.

When executed correctly, your heating oil/propane newsletter will personalize your company, build customer relationships, promote equipment and service sales and generate referrals. That’s not all—check out these five reasons your company needs a newsletter.

No. 1: Retain Accounts

Remember the saying: Out of sight, out of mind? This couldn’t be more true in the case of customer retention. In order to stay on customers’ radar, keeping lines of communication open is key. Having a regular newsletter provides a unique opportunity to share business updates with your audience, including new, current and previous customers. Whether it is about new staff members, service offers, special deals or tune-up reminders, consistent updates serve as a gentle reminder to your audience that your business is there for them. During trying times like an unexpected cold snap, a newsletter serves as a tool to admit your mistakes and let customers know what changes you have in place to prevent them from happening again.

No. 2: Foster Customer Relationships

When it comes to the residential energy industry, most customers enjoy doing business with companies they know and have come to love. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, your customers need to know that you care about them and that they can trust you. Company newsletters can provide essential support in developing such relationships by providing regular communication and making customers feel as if they are a part of your “family.” Your newsletter should come across as intelligent, helpful and as informative as your company’s best Customer Service Representative.

No. 3 Showcase Your Expertise

Position yourself as an industry expert by sharing valuable information with your audience. Whether it is a piece about the benefits of propane or heating oil, a look into energy-efficient technologies or even a guide to saving money on service, your newsletter brings your company to life for your customers, giving them a better understanding of who you are, what you stand for and why you offer better value than your competitors. Articles rich with content and valuable information help consumers make better decisions while allowing your company to demonstrate its expertise.

No. 4: Drive Traffic to Your Website

Energy marketers are raising the bar, improving their websites and equipping them with powerful, user-friendly self-service features. Look at your newsletter as an opportunity to drive traffic to your digital channels, featuring exclusive offers and additional resources available on your website. Newsletter content can also be repurposed on your website or blog in an effort to generate additional traffic from search engines and social media sites.

No. 5: Increase Brand Awareness

In this age of instantaneous communications, what people say and think about your company and brand goes a long way. Newsletters provide an unmatched opportunity to showcase your business and market all services and products you sell, from monthly payment plans and price protection programs to furnaces, hot water heaters, air conditioning systems and more. The ultimate goal is to give readers a good idea of what you can provide and what it is like to do business with you so that when a need arises, your company becomes their go-to.
An estimated 2.15 million newsletters are distributed annually.When it comes to building value in your company, generating new leads and improving customer loyalty, there is no better promotional tool than a customized company newsletter.
So go ahead and show readers why it’s smart to call you. Get them psyched about some new product you’re offering. Educate them so they see the quality difference your installations bring–even if you cost more. Give them some tips to add value. Most importantly, write content that’s relevant to them, not you. The final product will be a newsletter that not only sells your products and services, but your company as well. ICM